Three good reasons to eat Galettes

Galettes are very healthy. They have been made with the world famous buckwheat for centuries. We are using only premium buckwheat flour, with water and salt. 

Galettes are gluten-free, rich in minerals and essential amino acids. 

Galettes bring the necessary amount of energy your body needs. They provides a healthy and balanced diet as they are served with eggs, cheese, meat, fish, or salad.  

Galettes look like pizza and are easy to share with friends and family. You can, of course, enjoy it by yourself.


About Us

Romuald Le Goux & Julien Coulon

With 20 years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants, Romuald is excited to present his galettes, kouings and hamburgers to you and all our guests. 

Julien will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.

Seasonal and Local

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from local suppliers and our beers from local breweries.


Yokohama Walker

(japanese only)

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